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Contact info, et al!

    » Name » Minami Arisato
    » Canon » Persona 3 Portable
    » 'Verse » Alternate
    » Game » None

    » Journal » [personal profile] a_random_angel
    » E-mail »
    » Plurk » [ profile] RandomAngelic
    » AIM » theyseemelolling
    » Note » My AIM is set so only people on my buddylist can contact me. If you would like to IM me for plotting, etc., leave a message here and let me know! Moderators have already been added in case they need to get a hold of me.

⌈Destiny Strings⌋
    » Application
    » Game Profile
    » Arcana: Fool
    » Birthday and Star Sign: May 10th, Taurus
    » Unlucky Arcana: Justice, Empress, Hanged Man, and Temperance
    » Current Residence: Libra 9-09
    » Current Occupation: Student

    » Main points of the AU
    » How's my Driving?
    » Permissions

    » Layout by [community profile] pastries

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