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Minami Arisato (AU) @ Destiny Strings ([personal profile] fracta_anima) wrote2012-05-01 10:13 pm
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⌈The Golden Rule⌋
  → If you aren't sure about it, ask me. My contact info is available on Minami's Sticky Post so there shouldn't be a reason you can't reach me.

  → Backtagging: A-okay with me! I'm the sort of person who's willing to pick up a thread again two months or so after the fact. So if you see an old post of mine you'd like to reply to or want to pick up a thread, or took a month to get back to me a tag on? Go for it!
  → Threadjacking: Unless otherwise noted, threadjacking in any of her posts is not only allowed, but encouraged!
  → The Fourth Wall: While I like the lulz this generates, please ask me first if you can break her fourth wall.

  → Affection: Minami can be quite affectionate at times and doesn't mind having the affection returned. So expect randoms hugs and the like on occasion! Other characters, are free to be affectionate with her via hugging, cheek kisses, ruffling her hair, randomly holding her hand, etc.
  → Violence: Her primary game is Animus. This is a way of life there so it's okay.
  → Sexual: Unless we're talking about a private game, this is something that needs to be discussed ahead of time.

  → Mind reading: You'll probably get various persona chattering away at her on occasion, but otherwise go for it. Just let me know ahead of time so I can be sure to toss stuff at you.
  → Mind control: Ask me for permission please!
  → Other powers: Discuss with me, since I have no idea what all powers different characters have nor how every canon out there works!

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