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AU: Main Points

1. Minami and Minato are siblings, Minami one year younger almost to the day.

2. During Moonlight Bridge, Minami is so badly hurt she's hospitalized. During the confusion and hecticness of people trying to pull Minami out of the car and trying to keep her alive Ikutsuki snatches up Minato. The arcana shadow of Death is split between them by Aigis in order to both nullify it and save Minami's life.

3. Both siblings believe the other is dead. Minami is told Minato disappeared on Moonlight Bridge and is presumed dead, Minato is told Minami died in the hospital, if not on the bridge itself that night.

4. Minami becomes a ward of Kirijo Corp., meaning they sponsor her for anything she needs when it comes to schooling/medically/basically cut a check for her care. She winds up going through several foster families before going "screw it" and deciding to spend high school in the dorms at Gekkoukan High School. If she can't have a family, she might as well have stability.

5. Minato is experimented on by Ikutsuki to try and force out a Persona, if not a piece of Death itself. It does not go well and, eventually, he escapes only to become part of Strega.

6. Minami inevitably becomes leader of SEES. She still has use of multiple persona and is the youngest member. Specifically, she's field commander and Mitsuru is treated more like the actual leader than in canon.

7. Ken and Koromaru wind up in Strega due to Minato being a softy (?) and taking them in.

8. Pharos appears to both siblings and makes his usual spiels with the added bonus of cryptic hints about there being "another" like them out there.

9. Strega still does the revenge request site to fund their operation and day-to-day lives, as well as afford their suppression medication.

10. Under Minato, Strega is a much more efficient and ruthless. Minato, out of mercy, tries to make all the hits quick and clean rather than terrorize their hits as done with in canon. They're also more choosy about who they kill, wanting to make sure the person did something wrong, at least and not getting killed because someone was drunk and wanted to see if the urban legend about the revenge site is true. This is mostly to make Minato feel less guilty about the killings

11. Takaya was kicked out because he's a sick bastard who took a hit on a guy who did something really minor, killed the guy, and then murdered his family on top of that. Minato wouldn't stand for it and, with the sick way he went about it, would oust Takaya with Jin and Chidori's backing.

12. Strega originally traveled quite a bit to keep from being caught and to maintain the urban legend quality of the revenge request site.

13. They came back to Iwatodai due to Ikutsuki putting a hit on Mitsuru via the revenge site and they decided to investigate. This is how they found out about SEES and the rivalry starts months before information about the revenge request site starts in canon. From Strega's end, anyway.

14. Shinjiro dies by Takaya's hand after he lured out Ken. He leaves and Minato shows up. SEES has unfortunate timing in showing up and Minato leaves with a shellshocked Ken without a word, leaving SEES to believe Minato killed Shinjiro.

15. Miki lives in Akihiko's stead.