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Out Of Character Information
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In Character Information
Name: Minami Arisato
Series: Persona 3 Portable
Age: 16
Birthday & Astrology Sign: May 10th, Taurus
Arcana: The Fool

AU Backstory:
Minami Arisato was born to loving parents with a protective big brother who was a year older than her almost to the day. The pair were close, and their parents were doting if a bit strict, and life was as good for a five year old as it could be.

Then came the accident.

Minami doesn't remember much about that day and, frankly, doesn't really care to think too hard about it. All she remembers is some petty argument with the brother she can now barely remember, some shouting, and a vague feminine voice telling her that everything would be all right. The next thing she knew, she was waking up in the hospital hooked up to machines and being told she was lucky to have pulled through. It would take a few years for her to fully understand what had happened. Apparently the car had swerved. Minami's parents and brother had died in the impact, and Minami had been clinging to life with a concussion, four broken ribs, both legs broken, and a myriad of internal injuries. It took several years of healing, surgery, and physical therapy, but she would eventually be well and lead a normal healthy life. Some children are lucky enough to bounce back like that, though Minami does suffer from various aches whenever it's too hot or it's about to rain.

The Kirijo Corporation was kind enough to put her on their list of sponsored children, which meant they would pay for any and all necessary medical bills, any costs her education would require, and send a healthy-sized check to her foster family once a month for expenses in raising her. Minami never questioned why they did it. The accident happened on soil owned by the Corporation on the same night as a big disaster in one of their facilities. Any child connected to it in some way the Kirijo Corp. was put on the sponsorship list. Yukari was sponsored, too.

Minami spent the first part of her recovery in a care home specifically for children needing rehabilitation and counseling. Once she was well enough she was placed in a foster home since a normal orphanage wasn't equipped to handle the medical needs she had at the time. She didn't fare very well at that one, as she wasn't able to fit in very well and was prone to crying and night terrors the parents just weren't prepared to deal with, nor in the next foster home. Nor the next. Or the one after that.

Minami didn't quite understand what the problem was. She'd think things were going fine only to be told to pack her bags by her social worker and be given a rushed explanation of she was no longer wanted by her current family. The foster homes treated her well, but this constant moving and being told the same explanation every time gave Minami a complex to please people. This resulted in her doing her best to stay whenever she got the chance--to act happy, be cheerful, be helpful, practically be a doormat. Do what she could to make everyone like her and maybe she wouldn't have to move again. Maybe someone would want to keep her around. She started to hide her night terrors behind a smile and keep her feelings of loneliness and inadequacy to herself. If people found out she was anything but a cheerful girl they wouldn't want her around.... right?

When the time to select a high school came around, Minami was approached by her social worker and told about the boarding option at Gekkoukan High. Arrangements could be made so she could stay there year round instead of having to go home when everything closed on vacations due to her situation. There would be no more foster care so long as Minami kept her grades up to maintain her scholarships and stayed out of trouble. Minami, tired of moving every four to eight months, agreed. And thus, with only a backpack and a suitcase containing her personal possessions, she began life in Tatsumi Port Island.

Of course being a Persona protagonist, on Day One she winds up signing a contract with a creepy little boy and gets sucked up into a supernatural conspiracy involving shadows, persona, and ultimately gets named field leader for the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES) despite concerns from her teammates about her age and inexperience. Mitsuru is considered the leader of the team, but Minami, due to her ease of summoning (multiple!) persona and shockingly level head during crisis situations is the one who calls the shots during exploration of Tartarus.

Over the course of the school year, Minami meets and makes a number of friends, fits into her place in SEES, and grows into a competent leader. During the course of this, they're joined up by Shinjiro Aragaki, briefly, and the Anti-Shadow Weapon, Aigis. Aigis and Minami get very close, even calling one another best friends and Aigis transferring into Minami's class. Minami even made friends with Miki Sanada, a popular girl in the school who, she noticed, thought the friends she had were genuine. Minami could be a people pleaser, but that was when it came to potential parents. When it came to other kids it wasn't until Gekkoukan High that she really tried and she didn't like the way people tried to use Miki for that high school hierarchy called 'popularity.' Over time, she got Miki to see that these 'friends' weren't real friends who would have her back when trouble happened and that Miki's real friends were in SEES. Miki, Aigis, and Minami then became their own little group of friends and could always be seen together at school.

Minami got fairly close to Miki's 'brother' Shinjiro Aragaki and even got a crush on him. Something she'd forever regret admitting to Miki as the girl had a tendency to ignore Minami's pleas that she isn't interested in dating yet and would somehow contrive for him to sit next to her or for them to be alone in the dorms together. Even one memorable night in Tartarus where Miki basically abandoned them on a, thankfully, fairly empty floor.

Then there's her secret friends, Igor and Theo in the Velvet Room, who teach her how to mix, match, and manage her numerous persona. And Pharos, the boy she signed the contract with, who would come to her while she's sleeping and speak in cryptic nonsense. Sometimes he'd speak of visiting "another" but Minami rarely understood what he meant by that.

Eventually it's discovered that by destroying the Arcana shadows that show up each Full Moon, it might be possible to put an end to the Dark Hour. The group, with a goal in hand and an end to this madness in sight, take to this to the best of their ability and manage to get through every last one.

Unfortunately, as all this is going on, a series of murders are committed during the Dark Hour by a group they later discover is called Strega, a group of teenaged persona users much like SEES. They're led by a dark haired young man named Minato, who sets off all kinds of alarms in Minami's head and is very good at cutting Minami down where it hurts whenever they meet face-to-face: her own heart. Encounters with Strega often left Minami in tears by the end of the night and she'd often wind up locking herself in her room to hide from the other members of SEES. She's supposed to be a leader, dammit. Leader's don't cry!

It was hard not to cry the night Junpei was captured by one of their members, whom he had feelings for without knowing her affiliation. He'd claimed to Chidori he was the leader of SEES and that Minami was just a decoy. Chidori had seen through this, however, and she held him hostage. This backfired as Chidori alone, while skilled, was no match for four persona users, two of which had been trained and hunted shadows since they were children and one having access to multiple persona. She wound up captured and put into a Kirijo-run hospital to tend to her injuries. Junpei later apologized to Minami for his charade, explaining he'd only been trying to impress Chidori and admitting that, yeah, Miki and Mitsuru had made a good call in making her field leader. The entire team would be dead by now if he'd been the one making all the snap judgments.

Eventually, SEES manages to defeat the final Arcana Shadow, The Hanged Man, and a celebration is expected for the following night. Unfortunately, this is not to be. The Dark Hour springs up during the party, Aigis, thanks to a remote control of Ikutsuki's, is forced to knock out the entirety of SEES as well as Mitsuru Kirijo's father, and tie them up. The group is to be sacrificed to the goddess Nyx, who will bring about the end of mankind.

This devastates Minami, but she fights through it to look Aigis in the eye. Aigis finds herself unable to shoot and fights against her own programming. This ultimately saves SEES, but during this struggle, Mitsuru's father tackles Ikutsuki and both fall from Tartarus, plunging to their deaths.

In the aftermath, the group makes plans to defeat Nyx. She might be unstoppable, but they're not going down without a fight. With Mitsuru and Yukari out of it and consoling one another about their fathers--Yukari's that her father was innocent and Mitsuru about her own's death--Minami, Miki, Fuuka, Aigis, and Junpei begin to go through Ikutsuki's records.

What they found turned Minami's life upside down yet again.

Her entire life had been tied to the Dark Hour. All of it, right back to the crash on Moonlight Bridge. The reason she found comfort in Aigis's voice? She'd saved her life as a small child by placing the Shadow of the Arcana of Death in Minami--possibly the sole reason she even made it to the hospital at all. Her foster homes? Her social worker had been on Ikutsuki's payroll. All her foster families had been told she wanted to leave. It'd never been about them not wanting her.

And, most heartbreakingly of all, her brother was alive. Minami, who was young and had never thought to question it, had never looked for him. He'd been taken in by Ikutsuki, who'd thought he'd gotten all of the Shadow Aigis had split up. Performed horrible experiments on him. But the boy escaped along with three other children once the experiments ended.

The boy, named Minato--she'd honestly thought it was coincidence--was now the leader of Strega.

Without saying a word, she'd gotten up from that room with the files, and said she needed to lay down. This was a lot to process at once and her head hurt to think about it.

Then Ryoji transfers into school. Miki gets a huge crush on him and Minami takes great satisfaction in taking revenge via pulling the same stunts on Miki that Miki did to her regarding Shinjiro. It didn't help he was making friends with Junpei and so he was over at the dorm all the time despite Aigis constantly calling him dangerous.

Chidori escapes the hospital and demands to face SEES. Mid-battle Takaya (jerk!) shows up and shoots Junpei. Chidori gives her life to save his and Mitsuru sends out a message to Strega to come retrieve Chidori's body and discuss arrangements for a proper burial. It is during this meeting that it gets confirmed that Minato is Minami's brother as it's all but impossible not to compare notes and realize how both groups had been used. Turns out Strega showed up in Iwatodai because someone put a hit on Mitsuru and they wanted to investigate.

It is during this meeting they realize Aigis has gone missing and track her down to Moonlight Bridge where she'd apparently faced Ryoji of all people. It turns out Ryoji is the Shadow of Death given human form, thanks to Aigis splitting him and placing the halves in Minato and Minami on the night of the crash. It is thanks to this that Minami was able to survive the crash at all and potentially why Minato was able to survive the experiments. Ryoji passes out and when he awakens a few days later he, SEES, and Strega sit down and discuss Nyx. He gives the groups a month to decide if they want to kill him and live in peace until the Fall or if they want to leave him alive and fight Nyx directly.

Over the course of the month, the two teams unite under the cause of fighting Nyx, deciding it better to at least try and die knowing they gave it their all than to live in ignorance of the oncoming plight. Ryoji tries to tempt the siblings into killing him, but they are resolute in their decisions. After a short conversation with Miki, he leaves.

After a frakton of training, the group scales the top of Tartarus on the Promised Day. Takaya, now completely irrevocably insane as the cult he'd created, steps in and tries to kill Minato in a one-on-one duel. Jin steps in after he is forced to decide where his loyalty laid, and the teams drag him up Tartarus while Takaya is swallowed by shadows.

The teams then face the Avatar of Nyx. Despite defeating it, it seems Ryoji had been right in saying Nyx was unstoppable, and just when all hope seems lost, Minami finds herself in the Velvet Room, with Minato standing right beside her seat being given something alcoholic by Elizabeth. Igor then uses the connections Minami had been building throughout the year to create the Universe Arcana and begins to open the Gates. Just as Minami is about to step through, Minato pushes her aside, tells her he has to take responsibility as an older brother to her and Ken, and takes her place as the Seal. This awakens his own Wild Card powers and his true Persona, Atlas. As the door closes on a tearful Minami, Igor tells her she fulfilled her contract to the letter and that others being willing to make sacrifices for her sake is part of the responsibility she must accept. While she might be confused now, she should be happy her brother found his own Answer and that a new Journey awaited her in the very near future. Foreshadowing Strings much?

Clinging to the door, Minami pleads with her brother to try his hardest, she will do what she could to help, unknowingly helping him finish the battle. There's a flash of light and the next thing anyone knows, Nyx is beaten.

At the cost of their own memories. Aigis was the only one who remembered anything and Strega and SEES went to school alongside one another and Minami slowly but surely got to know her brother despite not realizing he was her brother. As far as anyone knew they just happened to share a last name.

At graduation it hits her in a flash that Minato is her brother and she hauls Miki to the dorm's roof where she finds Minato dying. He gives advice to her and Ken to take care of each other and as the rest of both groups show up, dies peacefully.

It's right after this that Minami winds up in Hinoto-Ri.

AU Differences (List form):
+ Miki is alive
+ Minami and Minato are siblings almost a year apart.
+ Minato led Strega
+ Takaya was ousted from Strega for being too vicious and Strega took in Ken and Koromaru
+ Minami insisted Aigis was still part of hers and Miki's "girl power" group after the memory loss bit.
+ Minato becomes the Seal in Minami's stead. Igor says this is part of her contract, as part of making bonds with others is allowing them the choice to make sacrifices for your sake and you must honor those sacrifices for the sake of that person.

Canon Standing: A few hours after Minato's death.

At first glance Minami is your average teenager. She's talkative, ditzy, cheerful, gets a B average in school, and seemingly has no problem opening up to people. When someone has a problem, she's usually there with a bright smile and an encouraging word to help in any way she can. She tries to get along with everyone she meets, even if she doesn't like them much and tries to treat everyone with respect. True, her cheerfulness and outgoing nature can grate on people's nerves, and she can be a bit thick and self centered like most teenagers, but overall she is a kind and sweet girl.

But this is a front.

In reality, Minami is incredibly insecure. Being passed around a few foster homes and being told that it's because you didn't fit or weren't wanted will do that to a person and Minami adapted by trying to be what she thinks will get people to approve of her. This is why she's tries to constantly be cheerful--sometimes to the point of annoyance and why she tries to help everyone she meets. She's a people pleaser, plain and simple, and most of what she does is motivated by her need to be accepted by others. Will this person she just met like her if she does this for them? Will people not look at her funny if she keeps up a smile inside? What about listening to everyone's problems? Will people hate her if she shows weakness and lets them know about hers?

Heck, throughout her time in SEES she actually gets terrified of herself. In a battle she can be cold, ruthless, and bloodthirsty towards shadows and actually enjoys killing them. This doesn't fit with how she was trying to remake herself, but in SEES she's useful. It might annoy her how everyone is always concerned about her due to being handed a leadership role at such a young age, but she wouldn't trade her place in it for anything in the world. SEES gives her purpose, something she's never had in her life of pinballing around foster homes throughout her childhood. Naturally when she joins up and is declared the field commander, despite her own misgivings, she puts her all into it and eventually grows into a capable and seemingly-confident leader.

Then, when it comes out Ikutsuki lied to them, things come crashing down. The sacrifice and its purpose, SEES true purpose of bringing about the end of the world, completely devastates her. It's only through the group rallying to defeat Nyx that Minami, for the first time in her life, fully feels accepted somewhere, like she has a home, and that saving these friends, this family she's built, gives her a purpose.

That's another thing: throughout her time in SEES she learned to let others into her heart and how to relate to people. Because of this she slowly came to terms with herself and gain confidence in her abilities. She still has her issues, but she's finally starting to get past them, and her cheerful mask is a little more subdued, a little more genuine due to she herself being more genuinely happy. It doesn't matter if she couldn't find a family to stay with, she has a brother and sisters in SEES. However, she's very restless. A year of having a purpose and then it ending will do that. She wants to move on to the next challenge and has actually had a few discussions with Miki about possibly travelling when they finally graduate.

Hell, Minami didn't even think about her own future until the possibility of the end of the world came into play. It's a nice feeling to know her future is definitely an ocean of possibilities now. She definitely came out the better from the year fighting shadows. Minami has gotten some closure, even if she deeply regrets not trying to get closer to Minato sooner and is still a little afraid of him. She's definitely more willing to be honest and speak her mind, even to the point of stubbornness. She isn't afraid to act like a brat on occasion.

Key Personality Differences:
+ Abandonment issues.
+ Issues with her love of fighting.
+ Generally a little less mature due to age.
+ More insecure than Minako.
+ Terrified of Minato despite her best efforts but is working through this.

Canon Powers:
+ Persona/Wild Card (various?) Minami is a persona protagonist, meaning that when she's at full power she can summon multiple persona using her Wild Card ability. This is more or less nullified in Strings as she's technically starting her Journey over again and being put on the same level as everyone else.

Canon Weapons|Items:
+ Naginata (physical)

Canon Allies:
+ None

Canon Baggage:
+ Nothing but the clothes on her back and her MP3 Player.


▶ Garula (Inflicts a medium amount of Wind damage on one enemy.)
▶ Rampage (Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage up to three times on all enemies.)
▶ Magnara (Deal medium Earth damage to one enemy.)
▶ Me Patra (Recover from Fear, Confusion, and Rage. All allies.)
▷ Garudyne (Inflicts a huge amount of Wind damage on one enemy.)
▷ Diarahn (Recovers all HP to one ally. Can be used on the field.)
▷ Myriad Arrows (Inflicts a large amount of Physical damage up to three times on all enemies.)
▷ Magnadyne (Deal large Earth damage to one enemy)
Don't Stop Me Now (Recover from Exhaustion, Fear, Confusion, and Enervation. All allies.) [Adapted from Nervundi]

▶ Resist Charm (Lessens instances of succumbing to Charm attacks)
▷ Endure (Survive being knocked Unconscious once per battle)
▷ Evade Physical (Triples evasion against Physical attacks)

(We will ask for information regarding your Ultimate Persona later. You can start thinking about it if you want, however!)

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